World Family 迪士尼美語界 (2009年, 95%已換新, 連書櫃)

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1. Playmate Player +Microphone
Talking Along Card 1 & 2 (不齊,有些舊)

2. Story & Songs:
Main Program DVD,CD,Book (1-12)

3. Sing Along DVD, CD (1-4)
Sing Along spoken version CD (1-4)
Sing Along Book, Lyrics (1-4)

4. Play Along DVD, CD (1-3)
Play Along Lyrics

5. Listen Along Bedtime Song CD

Listen Along Wake up Song CD

Bedtime review CD 1-2
Listen Along Lyrics Book
(Bedtime Songs & Wake-Up Songs)

6. Step by Step DVD 1-12

Step by Step progress book
(1-6 & 7-12)
Step by Step Activities Cards
Step by Step Stickers
Step by Step Activities Book 1-4

7. Fun With Words CD 1-2
Fun With Words Book 2

8. Cards:
Mickey and His Friends

Crazy Mixed-Up Animals

Act it out
Draw it!

9. Guidebooks:
Talking Along Cards Guidebook
Step by Step Guidebook (1-6)
Zippy and Me Guidebook
Fun With Words Guidebook

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