syosset vs great neck

在居住環境、校區比較,那區較好?我見syosset 有較多新屋、較大,但離manhattan較遠,great neck d屋比較舊、細d,但近d,校區,那區較優勝?我們計劃2020年搬NYC定居,幾耐前要準備?老公小朋友係citizens, 我要申請green card, 辦green card需時幾耐?係nyc買屋的process 需要幾耐?十分多謝!
For your reference (I-130 sponsor by spouse)

late Nov 2016 - submit I-130 form
mid Nov 2017 - I-130 approved
late Nov 2017 - Case transferred to NVC, ready for document upload
mid Dec 2017 - All document accepted
early Jan 2018 - Interview at US consulate

The whole process normally takes 6-9 months, but there was a surge in application since Donald Trump was selected so it took longer time last year.
Once the immigration visa is approved, it only valid for 6 months, you have to land in US before the visa expire.

Body check is the gatekeeper to control this landing deadline, you can proceed all applications and interview first. The immigration visa will only be approved when you submit the body check document (within one year from the interview), this will give you a bit of flexibility to control the landing timeline.

re: nyc real estate, it takes around 3 months to close. If you buy co-op / condo, it will take a bit more time as your application need to be reviewed by broad.

phoebechong1111 發表於 18-1-17 01:17
在居住環境、校區比較,那區較好?我見syosset 有較多新屋、較大,但離manhattan較遠,great neck d屋比較 ...

Those are in Long Island. Long Island property tax is very expenses around 10k+/ year. I would choose bayside, at least it is in Queens and has good schools.
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