Plumcot 聖誕禮物籃

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[color=rgba(82, 82, 82, 0.6)][size=3.75][size=11.2455px]PLUMCOT CHRISTMAS HAMPER

[size=5.9976px]Plumcot Hot Chocolate - our popular artisanal chocolate drink is made with 70% pure origin Valrhona dark chocolate. Accompanied by home-made marshmallowStollen - traditional Christmas bread perfumed with our own blend of spices, our stollen has a marzipan heart and is filled with dried fruits and nutsPure Origin 70% Dark Chocolate Truffles - presented in a black ceramic ramekin, these truffles are a special treatGingerbread twins - our own gingerbread man recipe, these young fellows sport a pair of bright candied orange eyesPlumcot Cheese Crackers - made with French gruyere cheese, these savory snacks have a crispy exterior and a soft centerChristmas Chocolates - find seasonal shapes and figures in our special selection of chocolatesFestive Madeleines - green pistachio madeleines with red strawberry piecesPlumcot Christmas cookies - oranges give these short-bread like butter cookies a delightfully bright flavourAlain Milliat juices & nectar trio - Cabernet Rose Grape, Mandarin, and Strawberry nectar. Direct from France.原價$1400 現售$800

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