Potty time 便溺訓練--教小朋友去厠所(中,英文版)

Potty time Part I
About Potty training..
It means BB switches from poop poop/peepee from diaper to a toilet bowl...
Now, talk about the poop poop training...
remember every kid is unitque.. Don't compare.. if from your elder daughter to your younger son.. especially, girls do pick up thing faster than boys do. So.. take it easy.. mom..
poop poop training..
Many old generations will urge their daughter or daugther-in-law to do it for their grandchild.. even when the infant is not ready to.
But sometimes, infant does tell that she/he requests not to poop on diaper..
--> when you find out that when infant put pressure on his/her bump and make their faces red.. however.. no poop on the diaper, but once you remove the diaper .. they poop, with a relief expression.. somehow, your lovely one is going to tell you, I wanna poop without a diaper.
Normally, the first step is.. try to help them poop in toilet with out the diaper (normally about 7-8 months as they can sit still and won't fall). infant normally poop as same time each or odd day or sometimes, more than a time a day.
Try sometimes by holding them with you hands... as they will feel very insecure to sit there without a diaper if 1. you are not around. 2. they don't have the urge.. then it won't success.
So, after a few time, poop at the same time which your infant can understand, such as after day nap, or after afternoon snack, or after bath time..A very specific time frame.. then next step..
Go shopping with your lovely infant.. for the toilet.. hee hee.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: , some likes the toilet bowl cover.. some like the little potty.. as long as your infant loves it.. that is the good choice.
Then, the next day, introduce the toilet to her/him..
At the same normal time, let him/her to sit on it.. talk to her/ him, read a potty training story book. That is good.. But Don't expect your infant will do anything with it. It does take time.
Everytime, within 18 min.. never over that... If your lovely one runs away, let him/ her goes.. as their attention period is just only 5 mins....
for those use toilet bowl cover... much easy to maintain your lovely bb to sit still as they can run away.. ha ha --> a bit cruel
IF your lovely infant did anything in toilet, no matter a air pass, urine pass or a poop poop, Praise is very important..
Also, Ask your infant to say good bye to the pee pee/ poop poop, and show how to flush the toilet..
Finally, most important thing is.. wash hands with soap... not just you... show them that they need to wet hands after used toilet..
The length to wash hand is 15 sec.. just the length of the birthday song.. you can sing a mother goose songs.. anyone.. but everytime the same as the end of the potty training of the day.
No more than 2 potty times each day.
Accidents do occur.. but not your fault or your infant's fault. So, don't blame her/him or yourself.

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Now talk about peepee potty training..
This really depends on your toddler's development.
Certainly, as before I said.. every kid is unitque
signs that ready for training..
1. kids really understand the words peepee/poop poop..
2. kids can hold the urine more than 2 hours.
3. kids will verbally tell, they have urge.. no matter too late.
4. kids who able to pull up and down the under pant and top pant by their own without help.
5. kids is able to get on to the toilet with a stool without help.
Then, that is mean.. your toddler is ready..
-It is good to start the training at summer time.. because even your toddler gets wet by accident, they won't feel really cold, and also much easier to change the clothes.
-Find a special day to start.. may be sunday, or a special holiday.. Go shopping with your toddler for their own weekly calendar and mini size-stickers again... oh oh oh.. or if you have a very lovely calendar to share with your toddler and you can use the marker to draw a flower or etc.. that is fine..
-Explain the reason why you take away her/his diaper.. show the reason why she/ he can go with out a diaper.. some kids may show their discourage.. then make it later... and don't push.. as they understand many thing.. they feel embarrass if they have accident.
-The first few day to take off the diaper.. Don't go out. Because accidents may occur a few time.. as kids feel insecure.. even they don't have urge.. they will wet their pants.. (psychological problem)..
- every 2 hours ask your toddler, does he/she need to go, especially when they concentrate on watching TV .. playing games.. reading story book, and actually prompt them to.. even really no peepee at all.. Then flush the toilet and wash hands.
- if toddler peepee in toilet, praise them.. and pull a sticker on their calendar...
- at end of the day, at dinner time, just mention how many times your toddler can achieve to their father, and father.. needs to act a very surprise face for that... then praise your toddlers.
*kids love praise when they learn a new thing, rather than pick their failure.. how bad they did*
- When accident occur, be positive, explain that accident does happen.. and tell them that next time when they just feel a little urge, go to toilet immediately. Change clothes immediately.
- at the first period, diaper at night is necessary.. because they have a lot of pressure on the day to deal with the potty training.. as inicidents do mostly occur at night.. SUGGEST: Keep on the diaper at night, until 2 weeks you toddler can achieve every time at day time.
When your toddler can achieve potty training for 2 weeks without accidents,plus stayed dry the whole night on the next morning, it's mean....time to move on..
1. prepare a water proof blanket under bed lining in case for incident..
2. extra beddings and extra clothes ( not one, at least 2 sets for each).
3. nofluid intake 3 hours before bed time
4.pass urine (peepee) before bed
5. put a littly potty at bed side.
6. wake your toddler at middle of the bed time..( that is just right before her/his urinary bladder gets full.
** if your toddler wet her/his bed before that time, then next night, wake your toddler up a bit earlier.
** remember every kid is unitque.. no one the same.. so Don't compare your child with others.. that is really hurt your toddler.. and will delay the process as well. Limited the chatting about potty training with other mom specially in front of your toddler.. it is not a pleasure for them.
聖誕時,Amanda去厠所便便,曳电Nillie媽咪捉住Amanda comb辮仔..Amanda 好開心..以下是聖誕04的相,喜歡使來睇睇 :)
--------------------------------------------------------Amanda 俾媽咪整蠱...
媽咪們,如有需要話我知,我會為呢個forum(專欄)寫個中文版...OK?!? :mrgreen:
如果小孩可以兩星期日間全部bingo..去厠所小便, 而又試過一覺瞓醒都係乾嘅呢..即係話...小朋友可以試o下介夜片lu.
一.鋪一張防水墊於床中間1/3位置或更濶,上面才鋪床單, 以防有時忍唔倒而整濕床, 因為床褥濕係好難乾,加上尿味和漬係好難清理
四. 睡前小便
五. 放小朋友個厠所仔(痰罐仔--香港)於床邊..
六. 半夜叫小朋友起身小便...如巳濕床,第二晚便早多半個鐘叫醒小朋友去小便.
注意! 每個小朋友都唔同,所以盡量避免比較小朋友,边個介片介得快,靚,正....尤其係盡量避免喺小朋友面前講太多,大人講者無心,小朋友聽者有意, 小朋友聽到,一啲都唔好受..咁做只會增加佢哋嘅壓力同令介片嘅時間拖長
-正如我每一次所講, 小朋友每一個都係獨一無二..所以, 如有出入, 唔駛担心...當小朋友心智,體能準備好, 就係時候介片..
一. 小朋友明白字面解釋—如小便, 急唔急, 去厠所,..etc.
二. 小朋友可以hold到2個鐘頭小便.
三. 小朋友識嗌 “急尿” …就算遲咗, 都係好嘅, 因為佢有意識—尿急.
四. 小朋友可以無需協助自已著同除褲
五. 小朋友可以無需協助自己踏上厠所腳踏
如果以上五點都做到… 你個小朋友已經準備好喇!

1.夏天介尿片比冬天好, 因為小朋友開頭介片, 時有失手.. 好易凍親. 夏天就算濕咗, 換衫都易啲!
2.擇日--- 哈!哈!…係揀假期… 同小朋友去shopping…買一本(星期曆) 同可愛超細貼紙… 如果唔想買, 可以share大人個月曆俾小朋友掛喺佢自己嘅地方 同用maker畫公仔代替貼紙公仔
3.同小朋友解釋,點解以後唔著片, 有小朋友會好抗拒, 做父母就唔好強行同佢介, 咪佢一疴濕褲仔, 就會好嬲大人令佢出羞,亦好嬲自已唔爭氣…如果介片時, 小朋友有壓力, 就只會 [事倍功半]
4.頭幾日介片不宜外出, 因為出一轉街可能會濕幾次… 因為小朋友會冇安全感, 所以, 明明未急, 但都會濕咗褲仔.(心理障礙)
5.每2小時嗌小朋友去小便一次, 急唔急都要 ‘排空膀胱’ , 尤其係佢集中精神睇電視, 玩玩具, 遊戲, 睇故事書, 一定要帶佢入厠所同坐一陣厠所, 就算真係冇小便都冇防. 之後教佢沖厠同洗手
6.如果小朋友喺厠所小便就獎勵小朋友, 貼一個貼紙或 劃一個公仔上去 星期曆上
7.當日晚上, 就喺晚餐時mention 當日有幾多次成功… 等小朋友嘅爸爸好開心咁稱讚小朋友
***小朋友鐘意人讚, 切忌 挑佢有幾多次失敗….***
***當濕褲仔, 要正面, 一.要立即更換衣服, 二.要同小朋友解釋, ‘意外係會發生, 下次我哋再早小小去厠所小便咯, 仲有下次就算只有小小急都話俾大人知,立刻去厠所!’ ***
***介日間尿片時, 夜晚要繼瀆用片啊!, 因為日頭,小朋友巳有唔小壓力, 不宜同時介夜片, 因為只會苦咗大人同小朋友, 你只會不停同佢換衫換床單, 想介夜片, 宜待小朋友介掉日間尿片2星期, 而一晚通宵, 小朋友都冇濕片, 先好開始試
2007年11月份起, 我大部份時間係使用Http://www.facebook.com 我email address 係 [email protected] 我有set mother&baby group over there, 如果有疑難, 可以加入facebook, add 我email, 講明係新一任媽咪, join 我嘅 discuss group, 我會盡量幫你/陪你準備同你小B 一起渡過介片的日子
中文版- 介片第一步之 介便便片

請記住, 每一個小朋友都係獨立個體, 獨一無二嘅, 請唔好攞小朋友同兄姐或親友嚟做比較, 而且以生理發展, 女孩子會俾男孩子學嘢快… 媽咪們, 放鬆啲喇… ^o^
好多長輩會迫自己個女或親抱同自己個孫坐厠所…細至2-3個月BB根本未ready嘅, 我都聽過….但咁做會好易整親BB脊骨, 宜三思後行.
小朋友便便習慣係可以培養出嚟嘅, 已識自己坐嘅小朋友係可以每日由大人訓練佢定時去便便, 但當然, 想---事倍功半, 就睇吓BB有冇俾signal你哋…
如果BB ready, 有以下嘅行為表現, 代表BB可以介便便片, 坐厠所大便lu ^o^
BB在 ‘老’大便..但又唔疴落片喥, 但, 當你一除片, 佢就便便同show俾你知, 佢已 “舒服晒”, 其實即係話….媽咪爹哋, 我可唔可以去厠所便便…?我唔想整污糟自己個pat pat啊!!!
起初想訓練小朋友/BB 時, 可以除BB條片 用手抱BB, 大家同一方向, BB背脊對住大人心口…
每日重覆喺BB臨 “便便” 嘅時間, 同佢練習除片疴 ‘便便’.
留意: 起初BB 係會唔慣, 又因為BB冇安全感, 同唔喺佢急時同佢便便, 可能未必會成功, 大人要耐心D…
pattern 有D一日一次, 二日一次, 有啲一日兩次… 有D係上午便便, 有D早餐後, 午睡後…個個唔同…..
當BB試過幾次大人抱住唔著片 便便 時, BB會慢慢學識 ‘便便’ 係佢下一樣要學嘅嘢.
咁大人係時候帶BB去shopping la… heehee… BB厠所有啲係成座嘅, 有啲用痰罐仔, 有啲用BB厠所板…適隨專便.
就喺第二日介紹BB厠所俾BB, 同教BB坐上去
BB坐厠所時, 大人最好雙手要扶住BB兩邊腋下, 同不要單獨留下BB…
此時可以同BB傾吓計, 講故事, 令時間易過啲, 但唔好祈望BB會立刻識 便便 落厠所… BB需要時間, 學識呢個新技巧.
每一次坐厠所以18分鐘為限, 如果, BB唔想坐厠所, 就俾BB離開 (因為佢哋只有5分鐘嘅專注力)
如果BB係用BB厠所板, 會易控制啲, 因為BB想 ‘走佬’ 都唔得…哈哈..--- > 小小殘忍..
無論小朋友/BB 喺廁所 ‘放脾脾” , 小便或便便都要稱讚佢…. 讚賞係正面學習嘅原動力.
BB就會知道 ‘便便’ 喺厠所係 Good boy/ Good Girl
當時間到 (18分鐘)/ 巳小便/ 便便, 就教小朋友/BB 同厠所講 byebye. 之後沖厠俾BB睇.
最後, 最重要嘅係…. 洗手液洗手….唔只係你, BB都要.. 15秒時限, 等於一首生日歌或一首兒歌, 同時呢首歌代表每次排便訓練完結
1.個人衛生係由小做起, 建立慨念, 非一朝一夕..
3.小朋友有時會疴咗落片, 你冇錯, BB都冇錯, 所以唔好鬧同罰BB啊!
Have Fun.

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小朋友2歲9個月, 我要返工,囡囡是由女傭照顧的, 到現在"便便"總是痾落褲仔,一次都未成功過, 痾了都唔出聲, 已訓練一年, 令我十分煩惱.唔知點解.
點算? 點算???

係有小朋友有咁嘅情況, 通常小朋友會係喺8-18個月大時(發展肛門期), 可能大人miss咗呢個機會, 記住教小朋友便溺訓練係永遠冇遲.
小朋友通常幾時便便? 要依佢便便時間同佢train呢..
小心唔好用責罰同嫌棄嘅態度..要留意maid點照顧小主人, 小朋友唔多信任maid呢! 便溺訓練係base on trust.
佢會好'監''介'呢--> 可能佢試過多次被ignore便意.. 家人對'大便', '放gas'嘅態度-->唔正確, 嫌污槽?
小朋友已接近3歲, 要循循善誘, 佢急便便實有樣睇呢! 疴完教佢自己沖厠同洗手, 做到有讚賞, 如一星期初初 achieve1次可以去mac donald, 之後要一星期3次至有得賞, 因為佢又大個女喇... 如此類推...
小便失手, 正常, 佢仲係需要定時prompt去厠所呢...
媽媽-->恕我直言, 小朋友係自己嘅, 雖然係有工作在身, 但仍然要努力為小朋友嘅成長作出努力同犧'生'呢. 佢只有2歲9個月, 唔係9歲2個月大... 你有小小tough咗, 你同小朋友關係如何? 希望你唔好介意我嘅說話
我仔仔而家28個月啦. 但係佢仲未有你所講的5樣野, 咁係唔係咪ready介片呀. 我地試過同佢介, 但係佢好mind佢的尿尿, 一見到就喊啦. 跟住, 話有, 但係唔肯痾呀. 我難介呀. 有乜野好方法呀. thanks.
唔好心急住, 仔仔嘅發展係會俾女女遲啲...
只係2歲4個月...一啲都唔遲, 仔仔只係個保守派支持者...唔好迫佢.. 只係誘導, 以免'lone'巧反拙..
帶佢去多啲playground.. show佢睇同age ground嘅小朋友已介片.. 佢可以試試喺屋企唔著...
小心... 仔仔已show你, 佢自專心好強.. 但你要教佢點承受挫折.
仔仔介片, 爸爸有責.. 要佢去街時係跟爸爸入男厠, 去多幾次之後, 再教就容易介啲架喇...
有一個summer咁長... 唔好太心急就ok la
多謝你的意見呀. 而家日日都有俾佢睇daddy 去男厠, 真係要慢慢來, 遲d再試啦. thanks.
Hello ! 多謝你寫左咁多有用資料比我地bk媽咪.

我有一對孖女, 現在差不多兩歲四個月, 我仲未開始同佢地介片, 因為我發覺佢地未好 ready, 大孖還好d, 有時佢會同我講痾尿尿, 好間中佢都試過痾到, 我立即好誇張咁讚佢, 佢自己都好開心, 但十次有八次同佢除左褲同片片之後都痾唔出, 我同佢講是否痾在片片上 ? 佢有時話係, 之後同佢講大個女不如唔好穿片片學坐痰罐痾尿, 跟住佢話唔好, 要穿片片痾. 曾經試過佢痾便便時我立即比個痰罐佢痾左落去, 跟住又有讚她, 但呢幾日知佢想痾便便時我就帶她入廁所, 但她好唔like, 仲發脾四, 到佢痾完之後我同她講不如下次痾在痰罐內, 她說唔想, 佢想痾在片片度, 為何會有咁情況 ?

細孖情況唔太理想, 有時大孖痾到落痰罐我會比細孖睇下, 等佢知多d是什麼一回事. 近排成日都同我講痾尿, 仲用手拿住條片好似話比我知佢唔舒服, 於是我便幫她除片去痾, 但次次都話無, 又次次都唔肯坐痰罐, 是否她唔想坐痰罐還是其他原因 ? 我已經去親廁所都會叫埋佢一齊入去睇, 大便小便都唔放過任何一次機會.

你覺得她們可以開始toilet training未 ? 我是否用錯左方法? 有什麼野我要注意 ? 希望你多多指教.
candy_kent ,
呢個情況係一定發生架! 放心... 佢哋喺做與唔做之間... 因為佢哋都驚 loss of control... right?
尤其是twins... 有好大比較... 媽咪-->小心誤墯"北較陷井"..
as佢哋2個可以做齊5點.. 呢個summer就一定努力同佢哋介咗佢..
讚時要小心另一半會被hurt到... 留意啊!
有冇用training pant呀? 會易啲, although, 你會好辛苦, 但事在必行, 有冇人可以幫你手?
揾一日, 同佢哋講要開始介片...
take off diaper (at home ).. 開頭會好亂... 因為係twins.. 咁又因為佢哋未必可以hold 2小時小便.. every 1小時去自已嘅potty 坐1次, behind 5-10 min... 唔願意/ 疴咗就起身..., until 佢哋able hold urine up to 2 hours, 每日如是...續次解釋... 1 個summer就會ok

做大人, 面對小朋友介片失敗一次(其實好小事)要抱正面態度. 既然仔仔refuse, 而當事件"deal"淡之後再試.
但問題係仔仔介大便片fail,定係介小便片 fail?
2.5 歲應已介咗大便片, 而學介小便片...



今日我帶佢去book shop,搵左幾本有關去potty既書,
一般幼稚園/幼兒園唔收著片嘅小朋友, 你enrol時要問清楚學校..ok?
你所指嘅位置.. 喺屋企邊度?
also, 父母說話語氣錯誤... 去便便係"執行旨令"... 唔係"晶"求仔仔同意, 你問佢去唔去就預佢say no.. as未返學仔, 尿片要介, 喺屋企著 cotton training pant, 出街著push up介片褲...
介大便片要先解開心結... 因為既然仔仔根本知道大便應去厠所, 係有原因令佢唔想除片大便... 係咪屋企有人笑佢? 屋企有人笑佢疴便便臭? 佢幾時開始介大便片?
65%我會勸你同佢介咗大便片先... otherwise, 你可以介小便片先... 但我諗if你想2樣一齊介, 成功機會渺茫啲...就算得都係事倍功半... 小朋友更加難適應..
咁你想介邊樣先? or 心意已決要一齊介?
then, 我哋再plan點做... 好唔好?

咁就介大便片先... 用厠所板.. 佢如冇固定時間便便, 就set after 午睡, 心情靚靚時坐一坐..
有一個小朋友4歲半, 已介小便片.. 但大便時要著片喺枱底便便... 佢媽咪已經放棄... 我去直接問佢 the reason poop on diaper under the computer desk.. 佢話BABA話佢便便臭, 哥哥(7yrs old ) 姐姐(10yrs old) 笑佢... so.. poop under desk就冇味喇.. 我就同佢講.. auntie(我)Bb就出世, 要好多尿片俾BB用.. 不如"請思恩去厠所便便", 留番啲片俾就嚟出世嘅Amanda(我個女)用? 佢agreed.. 仲喺Amanda出世一週大嘅時候.. 識自已做埋清潔.
教佢直接坐落厠所(用厠所板+stool"踏腳凳"), prepare洗手液.. 教佢自已沖厠.. 每一日一次, 佢even complete到個process(未便便).. like: 識自己踏上stool, 除褲, then, 著褲, 沖厠, 洗手, 抹乾手都讚佢.. or even俾一個sticker佢.. after 佢poop (even on diaper)帶佢入toilet先換片, 佢自已掉diaper and then wash and dry his hands.
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